February 27, 2015

Why You Should Never Give Up

“My husband died three weeks ago.” Loss can become consuming, especially if it is the loss of a spouse. When Deb walked in our studio last September 18th, 2014, I could see, she was torn between giving up or moving forward.

Go Ms. Deb!


Deb was overcome by emotion, but she new that she needed to keep moving forward. Her intelligence told her so. Still, doing what she knew that she needed was clearly a difficult proposition. After all, the love of her life had just passed three weeks earlier.

Making the healthy move forward can be difficult for many. Whether it be for weight loss and improved fitness or, the need to keep on living without the love of your life.

I had to get to know Deb and what she was capable of doing at the inception of this new direction in her life.  She was clearly depressed and for good reason. People deal with death in different ways.  Deb decided to surround herself by as-many positive people in her life as possible and as she told me “…to become one fit widow!”

In a very short period of time, I began to realize with Deb, it was game on! All of this was great when the tears were not flowing, so it wasn’t all that easy. Like exercise, it’s good to let-out emotions where you are safe and welcome to do so, and Deb certainly has full permission under my watch.

It didn’t take long for the exercise and improved nutrition to begin working.  Deb lost 5 lbs then 10 lbs and soon over 30 lbs! Her family and friends could not help but notice and Deb could not help but smile. Changing her diet also changed her body chemistry. Food really is a drug and we made some changes which not only helped to lower insulin levels, but also adrenaline. She decreased her processed food intake by at least 90% which stresses the body in a variety of ways. Deb sought out clean protein and an increased frequency of super foods into her diet. She kept a balance and still had some occasional and enjoyable foods & beverages with friends and family. The balance was also good for her spirit. It was great to see, Deb felt better and more and more of her sessions were filled with smiles and less with tears.

We all know that exercise and nutrition are good for depression and people can get down from time to time, but Deb has a unique challenge which she is met with every day. As I observe, there are good days and bad days. Having a healthy diet and proper exercise has clearly given Deb more and more of those good days. As Deb tells me “…I need this Chris!” We are not finished with Deb yet. The road is long, but her new journey is looking good. We all need it Deb and we are with you. God bless and keep moving!