January 5, 2017

Healthy & Delicious Episode 1

Eating healthy can often be…well, dull. Here at Akard Fitness; Healthy & Delicious, we strive to find healthy but also tasty food to keep you coming back for more and…to be more and more healthy as we all need to be.

Today we took a visit to Pei Wei Asian Diner. If you don’t watch it you’ll be headed for a sea of sodium, sugar and fried food. Sounds good right? However, if health is any priority, you can actually walk away feeling quite happy and even healthy.

Today it’s the Spicy Korean Chicken. Order this as normal and it’s not so healthy (see above comments). However, ask for the dish to be steamed or “stock velveted” and you’ll get a dish that’s cooked up in a savory veggie / ginger broth to save the hydrogenated oil for the trash ben. That’s right, you get the dish steamed in an alternative to canola oil which as been shown in studies to actually have hydrogenated oil (no-no), even though canola oil manufacturers claim it’s free from such (see FDA guidelines for loopholes #loopholes). You can do this with any of their signature dishes! Take a tour.

Get this with the healthy grain quinoa option and your gut is now HAPPY!

So while fried chicken may sound better at the moment, give the steamed quinoa option a try. I promise you, you’ll walk away quite satisfied and you gut will thank you for in more ways than one