September 22, 2015

How Losing Weight Means More than Just Inches

Getting Healthy!

Getting Healthy!

When Tony came to us this past July 9, 2015 he was eager to lose weight. He had a smile on his face, but spoke a bit negatively about what his health had become. After all, he was battling a serious health issue.

We got the ball rolling with his Akard Fitness nutrition plan followed by the progressive stages of specified and detailed exercise. I also wanted Tony to start using more positive affirmations about what he is NOW doing for himself!

He worked to maintain his eating journal, prepare healthier foods and stick to his meal guides. He made many healthy deposits and he even had a steak or a burger, as he would like, along the way! The workouts would be a challenge with his damaged knee and chronic back issues, but those did not stop Tonys’ opportunity to exercise, as it had in the past.

Yesterday on his two month review, we saw he has now lost 28lbs. As you can see from the image above, Tony is well on his way. His long term goal still on the horizon.

It is a true blessing seeing the lives changed in our studio, but Tony gave me some pause yesterday as we were celebrating his two month check-in. It went beyond body weight, body fat and inches lost.

Tony said, “You know, this is more to me than weight loss. My blood sugar is down so I don’t need medication. I can feel my toes again and don’t feel like I’m going to die so soon.” He had a certain look in his eyes when he shared this with me.

It was a profound moment that had us both stirring-up just a bit.

It is great to see these transforming photo’s, but to hear about what is happening to the inside of the body and to the spirit…is really cool!