Sometimes Less Is More

Miss USA – Arizona Brittany Dawn Kennada built her legs in ways you simply can not imagine. She did less exercise.

Legs of Steel

Legs of Steel

Miss USA – Arizona Brittany Dawn Kennada had quite a fitness goal; she would take her Miss Arizona crown to the Miss USA beauty pageant. This was a life long dream for her and the time was now!

When she came to the Akard Fitness Studio, she already had an extensive fitness routine. She spent a great deal of time on her legs, so much so that she felt she needed to keep working on them; more and more.

The result was a then, imbalance. Her lower body was simply out of proportion to her thin and lean upper body. This would not be ideal for her campaign to win the crown.

We had to act quick, the competition was in less than four months!  So…we cut back.

The amount of volume Brittany had built into her routine, created hypertrophy (muscle growth) in her lower body. We made some changes. We began to do LESS. While the work load decreased the intensity and focus on form did increase quite a bit! The result was what you can see above, in the picture of Brittany on the global stage! Perfectly balanced with very lean and toned thighs. Her body was balanced and symmetrical. She placed high and achieved the Miss USA – Most Photogenic honor which gave her contracts with NBC, TV hosting-positions and countless other modeling opportunities. Hey, if Brittany can get less with more, maybe you can too!