Personal Training

Private training with the Akard Fitness Group will simply be the best you can get. The attention to detail and the simple element of caring is where we start. We discover your goals and prepare a program so you can receive life lasting results based on your metabolism and body type! Akard Fitness Group personal training packages are ALL INCLUSIVE! You get:

✓ Private Training – One on One Sessions 45 minutes

✓ Personalized Nutrition based on YOUR lifestyle, metabolism and body type!

✓ Fitness Assignments for you to complete at home, other gyms or when your away!

✓ Complete Health Assessment!

At the Akard Fitness Group, we want you to get the results of your dreams, but we also want you to keep them! We’ll present your program to you in a question and answer session when you’ve decided to move forward on your own. We are here for you!

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