April 15, 2015

Why You Should Not Set Goals

When Jamie came up to see us, neither one of us had any idea how far she would go. Sure she knew that she would like to lose 20 to 30lbs, but 65lbs!? That was where this story begins.

Super Jamie Blunt!

Super Jamie Blunt!

With Jamie, it was simply her desire to begin. To start exercise and make healthy nutritional deposits.

Everyone has a different metabolism. As it turned out, Jamie had and still has a very good one. Getting started, she actually maintained a respectable amount of weight for how much she ate! In other words, she could have been a lot heavier! What was she eating, you might ask? Well, let’s just say; 2- servings of lasagna, 2 slices of garlic butter bread and dessert were a normal meal with Jamie!

The great thing is…Jamie still has fun food at least once per week and many times twice or more per week! We put our focus on making healthy nutritional deposits and not so much on decreasing her poor food intake (though managed). This focus on healthy foods decreased her poor food intake by default! Eating correctly made a positive impact on her body chemistry and metabolic function, so much so, that the poor foods she would eat (…and eat she did); would actually rev up the metabolism for more weight loss! Much of her success can be attributed to how the healthy deposits didn’t taste so bad, but mostly how good and balanced she felt mentally.

Eventually Jamie had to stop losing weight! “You can’t keep losing weight until you disappear!” Jamie has now found a balance for healthy food and fun food that has taken her far beyond what her goals had initially set. It really is about focusing on what is healthy and balanced. The balance just might surprise you! Great job and keep up the great balance!